Examining the Impact of the OCD (and OCD 2) on Total Dissolved Solids Extraction

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FacebookTwitterRedditTumblrDiggLinkedinPinterestStumbleUponInitially posted: 15 Dec 16 Updated: 22 Mar 17 Abstract The goal of this study was to explore the impact of the OCD distribution device on espresso as measured through total dissolved solids (TDS) extraction with a coffee-correlated refractometer (VST LAB … Continued

Exploring the Impact of Particles on Espresso Extraction

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FacebookTwitterRedditTumblrDiggLinkedinPinterestStumbleUponInitially posted: 01 Jun 16 Abstract This study had two goals: 1) explore the impact of uniform particle size on espresso extraction; 2) explore the impact of particle stratification on espresso extraction. The dependent variables collected were shot time and TDS. … Continued

Comparing the Impact of Tamper on Extraction

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FacebookTwitterRedditTumblrDiggLinkedinPinterestStumbleUponPosted: 07 Aug 15 Edited: 08 Aug 15 Abstract The goal of this study was to examine the impact of particular tampers on espresso extraction. Our main objective metric was TDS assessed via two refractometers (VST LAB Coffee III and … Continued

Measuring Total Dissolved Solids: A Refractometer Comparison (Part III — Espresso & Filters)

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FacebookTwitterRedditTumblrDiggLinkedinPinterestStumbleUponPosted: 02 Jul 15 Updated: 08 Mar 16 Abstract Continuing with series on refractometer comparisons, the goal of this study was to examine the measurements from three refractometers advertised to measure the total dissolved solids (TDS) content of espresso. As … Continued

Looking at Burr Sharpness and TDS in Espresso

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FacebookTwitterRedditTumblrDiggLinkedinPinterestStumbleUponAbstract This experiment assessed differences in espresso total dissolved solids (TDS) as a factor of burr sharpness. Ten shots were pulled for each condition (sharp burrs, dull burrs) and TDS measured using an Atago PAL-COFFEE refractometer. Results revealed a significant … Continued

Espresso Grinding: The Impact of Burr Sharpness on Post-Brew Water Retention

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FacebookTwitterRedditTumblrDiggLinkedinPinterestStumbleUponAbstract The goal of this study was to examine the effect of sharp versus dull grinder burrs on the ability of water to saturate a puck of espresso grinds. To assess the level of saturation, post-brew water retained in the … Continued